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Dove Glowing Ritual Body Wash – Lotus Flower and Rice

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Leaves skin feeling silky-soft and radiant


About this product

• With lotus flower and rice water
• Purifying cleansers help give skin a glowing, satin look
• With a delicate floral fragrance
• Gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower
Ever wondered how Japanese women manage to keep their skin so soft and smooth? Turns out, the skin replenishment secret is in the ingredients. For centuries, many Japanese women have incorporated the benefits of rice water and lotus flowers into their cleansing rituals to help purify and nourish skin, leaving it looking and feeling like silk.
Inspired by these beauty secrets, we’ve combined the nourishing formula from Dove with rice water and lotus flower to create Dove Nourishing Secrets Glowing Ritual Body Wash. This gentle Dove body wash cleanses your skin, helping to restore a radiant, healthy glow and a satin-smooth finish. 
Leave your skin soft and smooth with this fragrant Dove body wash: all you need to do is step in the shower.


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