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Wild Growth Hair Oil – 4 oz.


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The Complete Root to End Hair Care System will protect growth, strengthen, texturally transform, and protect your hair in all chemical, temperature, and moisture extremes by delivering the Wild Growth® nutrients 24 hours, 7 days a week. For example, protect from the HARSH COLD CLIMATE and the POOL. Cold air is thinner and dries the hair out. Before you venture out into the harsh winter, make sure your hair has a coat too! A coat of the Complete Root to End Hair Care System . If you are going for a swim (lake, pond, ocean or chemical treated pool), water and chemical proof your hair with Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer as a natural hair cuticle seal guard.


Wild Growth® protection simply defined: Hair Strands can break or become damaged from the root to the end. Thinness, baldness, or short hair can result from sufficient breakage over time. Regular use of cosmetic emollients and elasticizers can sufficiently reduce breakage to make a significant difference in hair density, thickness, and length.

FIRST MONTH USE INSTRUCTIONS: The formula is concentrated so start slow and closely observe results.

Week 1: Shake well. Gently apply only once sparingly on the entire hair and scalp.

Week 2: Apply twice, once every three days. Week 3: Apply three times, once every two days. For Week 4 and beyond, adjust quantity and frequency to keep a continuous light coating of moisture on hair and scalp. An average of three times per week will work for most.

Use Instructions
As a leave-in, you can use the oils three times a week, enough so that there is a slight sheen on your scalp and hair.
When your hair feels dry again then reapply.
When you do wash your hair use a few drops of the yellow bottle in your shampoo and after, it will make your brush through super easy and provide deep moisture and growth properties to the hair. Then when your hair is towel-dried or dry apply the white bottle, if you use heat on your hair apply the white bottle before to protect from heat damage.


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